Central Asia Village Water Supply Project(MG#58859)

Construct and rehabilitate Drinking Water Supply systems at 10 villages in Tajikistan.

In 2006, the team of from 4 districts seeks to expand project involving 10 villages in Tajikistan with approximately 11,800 residents. Out of these 10 villages, 7 water systems will be constructed and/or rehabilitated as a cooperative venture between Rotary and CARE, while 3 water systems will be constructed as the first fully independent Rotary efforts in Tajikistan. These 3 villages, upon hearing of the Rotary/CARE water projects to the north of Dushanbe, submitted signed petitions to Rotary requesting inclusion in the 2006 project. The map shows locations of the completed 2005 Rotary/CARE villages (Luchob (upper part), Purzobod, and Buvak), the proposed 2006 Rotary/CARE villages in the Varzob District (Luchob (low part), Kosataroshi bolo, Kosataroshi poyon, Chorvodor, Alkhuch, Sayod, Obizak) to the north of Dushanbe, and the proposed 2006 Rotary villages (Chirogchi and Dahana in the Yavan District and Chuqurak in the Muminabad District) to the south of Dushanbe.

Matching Grant Application was approved by The Rotary Foundation on May 2, 2006 and the agreement between Dushanbe and LaBelle Rotary Clubs was signed on May 4, 2006. The announcement package could be observed from project web-site.

Rotary International District 6960

6 months: June 2006 - December 2006

Project Cost $95,000

Project Location
Rotary Club of Dushanbe
Varzob, Yavan and Muminabad Districts, TA 734000


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