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Ongoing Water Research

The Water Research Library is a place where anyone who is interested can find information on current water research. We have compiled a list of topics that focus on a large variety of water related information.

We have also compiled a list of Water Websites, please click here to view.

Access to Safe Water
                   Water Supply Map
                   Populations w.out Sanitation Map
                   Sanitation by Country
                   So Little to Drink
                   The Journey for Water
                   Politics and Women’s Roles
                   Women’s Water Role
                   Gender and Accessing Water
                   The Daily Walk for Water
          Drinking Water
                   Improving Access and Health
                   Children and Drinking Water
                   The Body and Water       
          Bottled Water
                   Consumption by Country
                   Bottled Water
                   Per Capita Bottle Water Consumption
                   Water Access Indicators
                   Challenges to Access
                   Fact Sheet

Water Quality
                   Arsenic Water Filter
                   Arsenic Exposure and Health Risks    
                   Arsenic in Drinking Water
                   Arsenic in Private Drinking Water Wells
                   Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply
                   Chronic Arsenic Poisoning
                   Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality
          Waterborne Diseases
                   Waterborne Diseases at Household Level
                   Increased Access but Decreased Sanitation
                   Quality and Health
                   Rural Drinking Water
                   Impact on Health
                   Child Diarrhea
                   Impact on Death
          Urban Cities
                   US Private Water Wells
                   US Public Water Systems
                   Drinking Water in Major US Cities
                   Find Your City’s Quality of Drinking Water
                   NYC Drinking Water and Supply Fact Sheet
          Rivers, Lakes & Oceans
                   Clean Environment, Safe Water
                   Quality of Natural Resources
                   How Clean is Your Beach?
                   Pesticides in Lakes and Streams

Water in the Environment
        Global Warming
                   Global Warming and Safe Water
                   Reduce Water Pollution, Stop Global Warming
          Preserving Water
                   More Water Less Waste
                   Threatened Water Systems
                   Freshwater Withdrawal by Country
                   Top Environmental Concerns

Safe Water Treatment
                   Boiling Water
                   Filtration and Chlorination
                   Removing Turbidity
                   Point of Use (POU)
                   Ceramic Filtration
                   Disinfectant Powders
                   Working with Communities
                   Safe Water for Communities

Public Education
          Teachers Guides
                   General Water Activities
                             Water Activity Workshops
                             Water and You Video
                             Sanitation & Hygiene Lesson Plans
                             Indoor Air Quality
                             Building a Watershed
                   Water Usage
                             Community Water Footprint
                             Water Usage Activity 9th Grade (Math)
                             Water Usage Math Worksheet
                             Question and Answer Game
                             Wastewater Interactive Lesson (English & Spanish)
                             Arsenic in Water

                             Ocean Water Challenge: Secrets of the Sea
                             Water Cycle
                             Water Cycle Coloring Book
                             Water Usage Matching Game
                             Storm water
                             Become Water Logical
                   Drinking water
                             Story of Drinking Water
                             Water for Kids
                             Water Word Scramble
                             Treatment Cycle
                             Water Trivia
                             Plants and Filtered Water
                   Do Something

                             Water Saving Tips (English)
                             Water Saving Tips (Spanish)
                             Dispose Old Electronics
                             Garden Green
                             Green Spring Cleaning
                             Clean & Safe Home
                             Volunteer Green
                             Testing Your Water Knowledge
                   Water Meter
                             How to Read Your Water Meter
                             Water Green Home
                   Water Bill
                             How to Read Your Water Bill
                             Calculate Water Savings
                             Community Based Interventions
                             Sanitation and Hygiene

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