Haiti Outreach, Inc.

Haiti Outreach does "community development" work exclusively in the country of Haiti. About 90% of this work is helping communities build and maintain clean and available water systems - specifically by capping springs and building primitive water systems that do not require electricity and by drilling community wells.

We helped get the municipal water system of Gonaives back in working condition after Hurricane Jeanne. We also are helping rehabilitate irrigation wells in the Gonaives area that were damaged by the hurricane.

We also help communities build public schools and do food-for-work road improvement projects. In addition we have facilitated the building of a branch of a micorlending bank in the town of Pignon, which had no bank at all.

But our projects are a means to an even more important end. The end is having communities become organized and the people learn to cooperate to solve problems that they recognize and want to have solved. Most of these problems are based on the fact that they have little basic infrastructure: clean and available water, good roads, schools, and medical care.

We operate with a four point model of community development that we developed over time, which is described in greater detail on our web site.

Haiti Outreach is a nonprofit organization, based in Minnesota and Pignon, Haiti, with a mission to "Empower the people of Haiti so they're able to improve their quality of life, strengthen their families, and become self-sufficient. "

We have an executive director who manages the orgainzation in ths U.S., and currently have 18 employees in Haiti. We are a registered 501(c)3 organization in the U.S. and are registered as a non-governmental, nonprofit organization with the Haitian government. Over 95% of the donations received go to projects in Haiti, as the board of directors pays nearly all U.S. administrative and fundraising costs.

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15119 Minnetonka Blvd.
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Phone: 612-929-1122
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Website: www.HaitiOutreach.org
Email: info@HaitiOutreach.org

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