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The James River is Virginia's largest river, flowing across the entire state from its beginning at the headwaters of the Cowpasture and Jackson Rivers in Bath and Highland Counties, to its mouth at the Chesapeake Bay in Hampton Roads.

The James is Virginia's largest tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. The river is 340 miles long, which makes it one of the longest rivers in America that begins and ends in the same state. The James River Watershed encompasses approximately 10,000 square miles, which makes up almost 25% of the state. It is home to one-third of all Virginians who live in its 39 counties and 19 cities and towns, and touches the lives of more Virginians than any other feature on the landscape.

The Watershed is comprised of three sections. The Upper James Watershed begins in Allegheny County and travels through the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains until Lynchburg. The Middle James runs from Lynchburg to the Fall Line in Richmond, while the Lower James stretches from the fall line in Richmond to the Chesapeake Bay.

Founded in 1976, the James River Association is the oldest river conservation group in Virginia, and is the only organization solely working to protect America's Founding River. JRA works through four core programs - River Advocacy, James RiverKeeper, Watershed Restoration and Education and Outreach - to ensure a healthy James River for current and future generations.

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9 S 12th Street Floor 4th
Mechanicsville Virginia 23219-4032

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Chuck Frederickson, Riverkeeper
Phone: (804) 337-9283
Fax: (804) 337-9283 (call first)

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