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The living water side of LWI is also pretty exciting. LWI also served more than 10,000 meals during the hurricane katrina rebuilding effort. LWI Liberia also developed a skills building program that helps ex-combatants of Liberia's 14 year civil war obtain trades like carpentry, metal working, masonry, water and sanitation. LWI keeps serving more people. LWI was organized in the early 1990's. By 2001, they served 1.45 million people daily with fresh water and the word, in 2005 they served 4.25 million.

LWI conducts Integrated Water Solutions (IWS) Training Seminars both locally and internationally. IWS currently encompasses shallow well drilling, advanced drill training (limited), pump repair and health & hygiene education. We are currently working toward training for bio-sand filter construction and sanitation. For more information about training, see the LWI web site:

Living Water International is a faith based non-profit organization established in 1990 by four Houston businessmen after traveling to East Africa on a mission trip and seeing the overwhelming need for clean, safe drinking water.

LWI has drilled fresh water wells in over 20 countries abroad and close to home. In 2005 alone they drilled 610 new water wells and rehabilitated 334 incapacitated wells. Of the 610 new wells they drilled, 181 were for tsunami-affected villages in Southern India. LWI water projects are supplying clean, safe water to an estimated 4.25 million people around the world.

They also teach courses in health and hygiene to villages. In 2005, 16 health and hygiene training courses were held. LWI's director of health and hygiene spent a month of the summer teaching 87 Kenyans the same program and now they travel across Africa and teach it to other Africans. $1.2 million worth of donated medical supplies were distributed throughout the world as well, not counting the 2550 people who were treated in medical clinics by LWI Honduras.

Countries where LWI is currently work or have projects are: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Peru, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, CAR, Angola, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, India and Romania.

Current Projects (1 total)
Mombasa Clean Water Project

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Phone: 281-261-7984
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