A Child's Right

A Child's Right is one of several nonprofit organizations currently working to provide assistance to people in desperate need of clean water and sanitation. Our services are very unique as we focus on a specific group of people in need: children in already severe living conditions and in impoverished communities with little access to potable water and clean living conditions.

A Child's Right was established to fill this gap and provide charitable relief for children living in orphanages and street shelters as well as those attending schools and visiting children's hospitals in impoverished urban and semi-urban areas in underdeveloped countries. This target population remains severely underserved and as such our mission revolves solely around these children and improving their lives through relatively simple provisions and education.

917 Pacific Ave. Suite 404
Tacoma, WA 98402

Contact Info:
Tel: (253) 238-8766
Fax: (253) 238-3584
Website: www.achildsright.org

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