Water Engineers for the Americas

The Board of Directors of WEFTA is made up of volunteers, who are professionals in their own
fields, and all of whom have a long history of volunteerism with other non-profit organizations.
The administrative staff necessary to oversee the daily operations of the organization, and to
fulfill its obligations as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is provided as an in-kind donation by
two engineering firms: Souder, Miller & Associates, based in New Mexico, and Aqua Engineering,
based in Utah. However most of the work is actually provided on a volunteer basis by many of
the personnel that work for either of the two engineering companies.

The goal of Water Engineers for the Americas (WEFTA) is to improve the quality of life and
health of people living in developing countries in Central and South America by promoting
community based self-help projects. WEFTA provides technical and administrative support to
needy communities for the construction of drinking water and wastewater systems by working
with local non-profit organizations. By assisting these communities in managing their water
resources, WEFTA helps improve community access to safe drinking water, makes more clean
water available, reduces waterborne diseases, improves hygiene and protects the environment.

1201 Parkway Dr.
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Contact Info:
Tel: (800) 460-5366
Fax: (505) 471-6675
Website: www.wefta.net
Email: info@wefta.net

For corrections, or updates please contact updates@worldwatercenter.org

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