Water Missions

The birth of Water Missions can be traced to Hurricane Mitch that pummeled Honduras in 1998. Our founders, George and Molly Greene, were operating an environmental engineering company. They heard about the devastation and felt the desire to do something. After receiving an unusually specific request for six water treatment systems, and being frustrated in their search for existing systems that would work, George said to a few of his engineers, ”Water treatment isn’t rocket science. Let’s figure it out.” That’s exactly what they did. This was the genesis of Water Missions International. After responding to Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, George and Molly’s hearts were stirred as they discovered the sad truth about the global water crisis. In a bold and selfless move, George and Molly Greene answered an undeniable calling from the Lord when they sold their environmental engineering company and founded Water Missions International in 2001.

Water Missions International provides safe water - liquid hope – to those who have none, both in developing countries and disaster areas. Through one-of-a-kind engineering innovations, WMI is transforming communities and changing lives every day.

PO Box 31258
Charleston, SC 29417

Contact Info:
Tel: (843) 769-7395
Fax: (843) 763-6082
Website: www.watermissions.org
Email: http://www.watermissions.org/contact-us

For corrections, or updates please contact updates@worldwatercenter.org

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