Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

The Collaborative Council exists under a mandate from the United Nations. It is governed by a multi-stakeholder steering committee elected by the Collaborative Council's members, combining the authority of the UN with the flexibility of an NGO and the legitimacy of a membership organisation.

WSSCC focuses exclusively on those people around the world who currently lack water and sanitation, with all its policies and work aimed only to serve those people. The Collaborative Council has a special interest in sanitation and hygiene and emphasises the need to view water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) as an inseparable trinity for development.

1219 Châtelaine

Contact Info:
Tel: 41 22 917 86 57
Website: www.wsscc.org
Email: wsscc@who.int

For corrections, or updates please contact updates@worldwatercenter.org

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