WaterLife International

Help bring clean water to all especially in Africa and Asia.
This is a business venture but with minimal margins.

We would like to 'partner' with organisation that can sponsor this technology or buy these machines for deployment to help bring health to all mankind.

We are a technology company that markets water purification machines based on technology developed for NASA.

We have lab tests that prove our machinery kills more than eColi and Bacteria..We also remove Heavy Metals.

We can add filters or pre-filters to cater for any situation, eg; Turbidity, chemicals etc.

Current Projects (1 total)
Let's Help Africa and Asia

P O Box 2390
Templestowe Heights, Vi 3107

Contact Info
Phone: +61 3 9850 4406
Fax: +61 3 9850 4604
Website: www.watseco.com

For corrections, or updates please contact updates@worldwatercenter.org

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