Mombasa Clean Water Project

If a person is hungry, you can either give the person a fish every day or teach the person how to fish. The same analogy can be used with water, and we are asking Rotary Clubs to provide a more suitable drill rig f(and associated equipment) or the area. The equipment will allow faster and more efficient drilling through a variety of geological formations in areas where there is a persistent need for clean water.

A reliable source of potable water will reduce the prevalence of water-born diseases such as trachoma and gastro-intestinal disorders. Village residents will also become more productive in their economic endeavors as a beneficial side effect. Each new well will provide clean water for drinking and cooking needs of a village with a population that ranges from 1000 to 3000 persons.

People living in SE Kenya are desperate for a clean, water supply. Women in the rural areas are spending up to five hours a day to bring back water to their children, and this little bit of water is polluted. Too many children are dying from water-related diseases.

LWI has an existing drill crew in Mombasa and they have been drilling shallow wells in the area. However, they are limited by their simple equipment. LWI wishes to upgrade the drilling equipment to allow the team to drill deeper, with a more robust drill rig.

This project is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Killeen Heights, Texas, in partnership Bahari Rotary Club (Mombasa, Kenya). Other clubs are invited to join the partnership.

Living Water International

6 months to purchase and ship the equipment. The equipment is suitable to drill wells for five ore more years.

Project Cost $75,762

Project Location
PO Box 86703, Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa

Mombasa, sponsored by Rotary Club of Kileen Heights, TX 76548

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